How to Style Rosy Collective Hair Clips

How to Style Rosy Collective Hair Clips

We are a sucker for a pretty hair clip or scrunchie. That’s one of the reasons why we designed and introduced them into the brand because we wanted people to fall in love with them like we have at Rosy Collective. We believe they’re so versatile and can add that extra wow factor to your hair, even on a lazy day when the last thing you’re thinking about is your hair.

Our Gold Hair Pins come in 3 different sizes which means more accessories to experiment with! We have put together a couple of styles for each size so let’s dive straight in starting with the thickest one also known as the ‘larger’ hair clip. 



A low pony tail is always a simple yet effective hair style. It is a style that is underrated but whether you have a full fringe, side fringe or a middle parting it is a style that works! Business in the front and party in the back is what we are going for here.

Our larger hair clips click open and close around the hair therefore it is easy to place over the hair band to cover it up if you want a more secure pony tail. However the clips work just as good if you are clipping loose hair!

To add a little extra factor to the pony tail, as our gorgeous hair model has done in the image above you can wave your hair so your effortless stay at home hair style makes everyone on your Instagram jealous! 


For our look 2 we have still stayed with a low pony tail however we have taken it up a notch. Steps below:

1. We have split the hair in two, grabbing the top half and securing it with the large hair clip.

2. With the remaining hair on the bottom take a bit of hair, either left or right side and keep it out.

3. Now tie the hair into a low pony tail.

4. The piece of hair which was left, start to wrap it around the hair tie so you are hiding your hair tie and with a bobby pin, slide it underneath and secure it. 


Your low pony tail from the first look has now been turned up a volume!



Now our middle sized hair pins slide on unlike the thickest and the thinnest sizes. This is an advantage because it pulls back your hair and keeps it neat and in place. With our first style we have created a look where it is simple but highlights an amazing side profile of your hair! 

Sometimes (or a lot of the time especially in wind) hair gets in your way. With our middle sized hair pins we have scraped the hair on one side pulling the features of your cheek bone and making them more prominent. Sometimes, we all go through phases where we prefer having our hair down. We are just having that great hair week and want to show it off. By using our medium sized hair clip you can keep your hair from attacking your face or show off that beautiful new eye shadow colour you've just bought. 


Who doesn't love a plait? There are so many different styles (keep an eye out on our blog and Instagram!) 

With our next style we have used our basic plait, easy enough for any new beginner and decided to do a double plait - one on top of the other. By doing this it adds a little extra volume to your hair. We have double plaited both sides and secured them with some bobby pins.

After that, we have slid over our medium sized clip to hide the bobby pins and also give the plaits some extra security. When you're running for that train, you can't let your hair fall out of place!



Half up half down is the vibe we want here. This look works whether your hair is long, short or if you have a little bob. Such as in the image above! 

However with this style we have kept it very simple. As the thinner hair clips clip over your hair instead of sliding over, we thought it is easier for this style because you don't need any extra equipment! No hair ties and no bobby pins so this style is perfect if you are running late or just want to look cute going for your food shop.


Similar to our medium sized hair clips, we have shown you what it would look like if you scraped your hair back to the side with our thinnest one. Again, with this look it allows you to highlight an ear party or show off that one pretty earring that shines, like our model has done. 

Adding a little wave to your hair or bonus points if your hair is naturally wavy, we are jealous! This allows your hair to have some volume whilst the top half is straight and scraped back. 

To turn it into a party vibe, the side of the hair which doesn't have a the hair clip. You can take a piece of hair and give it a small curl and have that one curl taking over the party! 


So we have showed you how to style our 3 gold hair clips! We would love to see your styles on our Instagram. Tag us or use our hashtag #rosycollective so we can see your pretty hair styles.