Hello gorgeous

Rosy Collective is a London based jewellery brand born with a mission in mind. Empowering women through the brilliance of jewellery, celebrating their strength and beauty. 'Rosy' is a girl who loves to travel, spend time healing and focused on her feminine energy. 

Our jewellery was created to unleash your feminine energy and embrace the joy of self-expression through everyday wear and use.

image of a girl facing the sunset on the beach with a mauve velvet scrunchie 


Our vision is to make jewellery easy to wear for our lovely customers. We want the everyday girl to enjoy wearing jewellery and make her feel good and confident about herself. At Rosy Collective we take pride in mental health and well being as it is something very close to our hearts. We want our jewellery to be an extension of your beauty as you radiate a special glow about yourselves.

Embracing the ethereal allure of our signature pearls and stars, our jewellery pays homage to mental health, by symbolising resilience and the beauty of inner strength.